Frame workshop

Grand piano is a spectacular instrument built of tens of thousands smaller and bigger parts. One the biggest and most important element of the piano is its frame. Usually made of cast iron, piano frame has to deal with even 30.000 kg of collective string tension making it a skeleton of the piano.

Cast iron frame has also a cosmetic function and it is hard to imagine proper piano restoration without beautifully painted plate.

At SAP, every frame goes through sand blasting ensuring perfectly cleaned surface essential for wonderful outstanding paint job. Our customers get to choose from a vast selection of lacquer colors and types but our personal recommendation is to always choose the color faithful to the brand of your piano.

Apart from that, technicians of SAP have unique knowledge of welding cracked frames in order to regain its functionality.

Frame workshop consists of 5 experienced technicians supervised by master painter Krzysztof.

Frame workshop is managed by


30 years of experience

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