Acoustic workshop

Like all musical instrument, a piano is made to create sound. Experienced technicians and piano builders know that even the smallest elements of the instrument have direct influence on the sound; however, some of them are more important than others. Acoustic workshop takes care of these most important elements.

Based on the condition of acoustic element like: soundboard, soundboard bridges, strings, or pin block, our technicians decide on their restoration or replacement. In case of replacement, technicians at SAP select only the highest quality of materials from Germany and Italy.

Acoustic workshop includes 4 independent sections dealing with restoration of key components – soundboard, bridges, pin block, and stringing.

Workshop consists of 12 skillful technicians lead by Sławek.

In the picture there is Jarek – a great technician with 18 years of experience in hand work on soundboard bridges. His skill in crafting bridge caps outperforms even the best machines. His skills are even more impressive knowing that Jarek cannot hear.

Acoustic workshop is managed by


18 years of experience

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