Piano Congress

September 2022 marks a significant moment in Polish piano industry history thanks to the Piano Congress 2022 that took place in Warsaw between 2nd and 4th of September. The event was fully devoted to all things piano related, branching from new pianos, piano restoration, piano tuning and maintenance. During those few days, piano makers, restorers, tuners, and technicians were able to not only present their products and skills but also share and exchange their experience in different fields of piano knowledge and craft. The event was also full of much needed entertainment in the form of concerts and seminars for those beginning their journey within piano world.

On September the 5th, we had the pleasure to host at SAP Renovation almost 50 attendees of the Warsaw Piano Congress. During the visit, our guests had a tour around our restoration facilities and a glimpse into our grand and upright piano restoration services that bring instruments back to their prime sound and appearance. The visit included an inside look at all the restoration departments of our workshop, conversations with our technicians during their everyday tasks, as well as a truly detailed presentation of all the restoration challanges of often very neglected and damaged instruments.

There is no better way of experiencing piano restoration than spending some time on visiting SAP Renovation, the biggest piano restoration company.

Thank you very much for beign with us as we look forward to seeing you again!

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