Bösendorfer Grand Piano


    Concert grand piano: Bösendorfer SAP - 6822

    The piano is currently available for viewing in Ranum, Denmark. For more information please feel free to contact our sales department.

    The instrument is after complete restoration including its cabinet, acoustic, action, and keyboard components.

    Please browse our sections: CABINET, ACOUSTIC PART, ACTION for detailed information regarding restoration range

    Please have a look at the pictures in the advert where you will find:

    - pictures after restoration process

    Cabinet type after restoration: modern

    Finish: high gloss polyester

    One of the pictures include a letter from British studio “SARM” which, for many years, was the former owner of the instrument. Through its service at the studio the piano served many great musicians during their recordings.

    The instrument looks and plays like new

    Transport within European Union included in the price. Transport via sea freight outside EU: + 2,500 EUR

    Warranty: 5 years

    Please contact us directly if you wish to receive a full technical specification of any pianos

    •     Type: grand piano
    •     Brand: Bösendorfer
    •     Model: concert grand piano
    •     Serial number: 30517
    •     Date of manufacture: 1974
    •     Length: 290 cm
    •     Number of keys: 97
    •     Number of pedals: 3
    • Case varnishing in high gloss black polyester
    • Complete set of square legs
    • New lyre posts
    • New music stand (without prop)
    • Music desk rebuild including mounting screws
    • New fallboard
    • New brass fallboard logo (regular size)
    • New brass side logo (large size)
    • Old hardware polishing
    • New concert casters with rubber
    • Inside rim varnishing in transparent mat
    • New genuine Bosendorfer fallboard felt
    • New genuine Bosendorfer music desk felt
    • Soundboard bleaching
    • Soundboard varnishing in gloss
    • New soundboard decal
    • New bridge caps 4 sections
    • Bridge caps with graphite
    • New bass strings of Heller
    • New steel strings Röslau
    • New pin block Canadian Maple 38mm
    • New nickel tuning pins
    • Iron frame sanding
    • Iron frame varnishing in Bosendorfer color
    • Iron frame finishing in gloss
    • Frame lettering in black (brand name, serial number etc.)
    • Agraffes restoration (polishing)
    • New hitch pins
    • New frame felts and string bearings genuine Bosendorfer
    • Complete action restoration and regulation
    •   (replacing all worn out felts, leathers, cashmeres,
    •   and restoration of wooden and metal elements)
    • New hammer heads with natural felt of Abel
    • New hammer shanks of Renner
    • Restoration of old wippens (repetition levers)
    • Backcheck restoration
    • Damper restoration and re-felting with felt of Renner
    • Damper regulation
    • Sostenuto action restoration
    • Damper action restoration
    • Pedal action restoration
    • Keyboard restoration
    • Keyboard pins restoration (polishing)
    • Key covers restoration
    • Sharps restoration
    • Final voicing

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