Bösendorfer grand piano – SAP 5617
After thorough technical inspection carried out by our technicians, this grand piano is available in rebuilt setup. Advertisement contains pictures of the piano before restoration.


  • Type: grand piano
  • Brand: Bösendorfer
  • Model: drawing room grand piano
  • Serial number: 14857
  • Date of manufacture: 1898
  • Length: 160 cm
  • Number of keys: 85
  • Number of pedals: 2



Choose one of suggested finishes from our vast offer:


You’ve chosen transparent cabinet finish?

Great, now go ahead and add personal touch to your piano by re-veneering the instrument. Here’s few examples of veneers and colors we suggest:


Find out more about restoration setup available for this piano

  • Soundboard replacement
  • New bridge caps (bass and treble)
  • New strings (bass and treble)
  • New tuning pins
  • New pin block
  • New agraffes (if particular type of agraffes is not available, the original set will be restored)


Find out more about restoration setup available for this piano

  • New action installation
  • New hammer heads
  • New hammer shanks
  • New wippens
  • New dampers and regulation
  • New damper levers and regulation
  • New trap work
  • New keyboard and regulation
  • Voicing (one of three types to choose from)

The piano is available in the following setups

NET: 35,030 €**

**Price suggestions in all setups include the piano finished in black high gloss, black satin, black mat, or in one of the RAL chart colors.

By purchasing this piano from us you’ll also get:

5 years of warranty  covering all the work carried out on the piano.

Road transport in Europe (collections and deliveries are possible at ground floor level with solid and stable driveway only).

For customers outside Europe – we offer fully insured air and sea freight thanks to cooperation with renowned international transport companies.

Final voicing carried out by certified technician. 

We offer three types of voicing:

  • Discreet
  • Model
  • Concert
Don’t forget about essential accessories when purchasing your beloved piano:
  • How about bespoke leather cover made of synthetic leather to protect your beloved piano from dust and scratches?
  • Protect you casters and floors from scratches thanks to our caster cups.
  • Are you going to move your piano often within different venues? have a look at our piano dollies and custom made container for legs and lyre.
  • Take care of wooden components of your piano and secure stable tuning. choose humidity control system suitable for the size of your piano.
  • Turn your piano into digital instrument with many sound effects and option to mute your play thanks to the silent system.
  • Want your piano to play your favorite pieces itself and impress your friends? find out more about self playing system called piano disc.
  • Are you considering a new piano bench? our bench will match your piano specifically.
  • Lift and lower top lid with ease and take care of safety of youngest users of your piano with grand piano lid brake.
  • Capture process of restoration of your piano forever thanks to our custom made photo album and share it with your friends and family.


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