Bluthner SAP 7329

    Semi-concert grand piano : Blüthner SAP - 7329

    Serial number: 136708
    Production year: 1963
    Model: Semi-concert grand piano
    Length: 238

    The instrument requires restoration and has been thoroughly analyzed.

    Sections: CABINET, ACOUSTIC PART, ACTION include detailed information regarding planned restoration range in restored setup.

    Cabinet type after restoration: modern

    Finish: high gloss polyester

    Reserve the piano before it is ready and get 3% discount on purchase

    Approximate pending time for the piano: 2-3 months

    Transport within European Union included in the price. Transport via seafreight outside EU: + 2500 EUR

    Warranty: 5 years

    • Type: Fortepian
    • Brand: Blüthner
    • Model: Fortepian półkoncertowy
    • Serial number: 136708
    • Date of manufacture: 1963
    • Length: 238 cm
    • Number of keys: 88
    • Number of pedals: 3
    • Case varnishing in high gloss black polyester
    • New brass fallboard logo (regular size)
    • New brass side logo (regular size)
    • Old hardware polishing
    • Inside rim re-veneering
    • Inside rim varnishing in high gloss transparent polyester
    • New blue fallboard cloth
    • New blue music desk cloth
    • Soundboard restoration and varnishing in gloss
    • New soundboard decal
    • New bridge caps 4 sections
    • Bridge caps with graphite
    • New bass strings of Heller
    • New steel strings Röslau
    • New multilayered pin block
    • New nickel tuning pins
    • Iron frame sanding
    • Iron frame restoration and varnishing in Bluthner color
    • Iron frame finishing in gloss
    • Frame lettering in black (brand name, serial number etc.)
    • Agraffes restoration (polishing)
    • New hitch pins
    • New frame felts and string bearings blue
    • Complete action restoration and regulation (replacing all worn out felts, leathers, cashmeres, and restoration of wooden and metal elements)
    • New hammer heads with Bio Felt of Abel
    • New hammer shanks of Abel
    • Restoration of old wippens
    • Damper restoration and re-felting with felt of Jahn
    • Damper regulation
    • Sostenuto action restoration
    • Damper action restoration
    • Trapwork restoration
    • Keyboard restoration
    • New acrylic key covers
    • Final voicing

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