This piano is not for sale. It is a representation of our work carried out for one of our customers.

The instrument was restored completely including its cabinet, acoustic, action, and keyboard components.

All details regarding the piano and range of restoration can be found below.


  • Type:grand piano
  • Brand:Bösendorfer
  • Model:drawing room grand piano
  • Serial number:18308
  • Date of manufacture:1907
  • Length:180 cm
  • Number of keys:88
  • Number of pedals:3


The cabinet has been finished with the highest quality Italian polyester lacquer featuring deep black tone. Bottom of the lid and inner has been re-veneered in maple veneer and finished with highest quality transparent Italian polyester lacquer.


  • The soundboard has been restored and finished with highest quality Italian lacquer.
  • We have recreated the original logo of the manufacturer using traditional screen printing method.
  • New treble and bass bridge caps made of carefully selected beech wood have been fitted and processed using four stage shaping technique.
  • The piano has been strung using renown string makers: Heller bass and Röslau wire – all individually scaled and produced based on precise measurements.
  • We have fitted a brand new, multilayered pin block.
  • The iron frame has been meticulously restored and covered with the highest quality Italian lacquer accurate for particular piano brand and model.


  • Wooden and metal action components have been carefully cleaned.
  • We have replaced all felts, leathers, and bushings.
  • White key covers have been removed and new high quality Ivoplast key covers have been fitted.
  • We have installed new hammer heads , hammer shanks and levers made by ABEL. The components have been selected specifically by their weight and size.
  • Action and keyboard have been accurately regulated. We have tuned the piano eight times and our certified technician has voiced the piano to create a faithful tone.

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