Frame welding

Do not give up on your grand piano!

Cracked frame does not mean you have to give up on your instrument.

Thanks to many years of experience in renovating grand pianos, we undertake tasks that, in the beginning, appeared to be very hard or even impossible. Contact us, we will save any instrument. The final effect will amaze you!

Cast iron frame welding

Due to the high carbon content and fragility of cast iron, grand piano frame is very hard to weld. However, thanks to the development of our proven methods and procedures we will, on client’s request, undertake grand piano frame welding.

In order to achieve the best possible visual and technical effects of welded frame, we consider the following factors:

  • preparation of the surface,
  • type of welding adhesive,

Surface preparation

At first, we remove dust and dirt from both forged elements using sandblasting. It is very important because welding a surface which is unclean, is the main reason for blisters and nonmetallic precipitation.

Choosing welding adhesive

To choose an additional welding material, we consider factors such as: grand piano frame type, properties of the additional material, its susceptibility to metal processing, and matching the adhesive in terms of durability.

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