“Welsh” French polish

Satin is the beauty

“Welsh” French polish is a classical type of cabinet finish addressed towards all those people who love satin finish.

One of the two key procedures differentiating “Welsh” French polish from other finishes is the carpentry preparation; instead of sanding the old finish, the old coating is treated with mild chemical, dissolving it. As a result, the colour of the veneer does not get darker as it does during regular sanding, leaving natural beauty and colour mostly intact.

The piano
prepared for “Welsh” French polish requires as good as possible veneer quality to fully appreciate the final effect; however, if carpentry condition does not meet the requirements, total or partial re-veneering using multiple veneer types is possible. Second key factor exclusive to satin French polish is application of bee wax on previously French polished surface. After several rounds of application, the wax fills in the wood grain creating the distinctive satin coating.

Our “Welsh” French polish is a match made in heaven whenever everyone who appreciates natural aspect and colour of the veneer.

To find out more about the “Welsh” French Polish, please contact our sales department.


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