“Natural” French Polish

Nature is the beauty

“Natural” French Polish is the classic wood finish method which brings back vintage pianos back to their original appearance. This natural cabinet restoration method will find its audience within fans of 19th and early 20th century instruments as well as those people who understand and appreciate the craft of hand polishing.

The immaculate effect of „Natural” French polish is governed by conscientious carpentry preparation and very good veneer state because, unlike modern cabinet finish methods, all veneer imperfections are likely going to be visible after French polish is applied. Once carpentry work is done, the piano goes to our polishing department where our experienced polishers apply French polish until the desired wood grain closure is achieved.

Depending on the veneer type, “Natural” French polish leaves roughly 10% of natural veneer grain density while simultaneously offering a relatively high gloss, considering not being a polyester finish.

In case of poor veneer condition, SAP Renovation is able to offer complete cabinet re-veneering using one of several veneers dedicated for French polishing.
The final “Natural” French polish effect will definitely satisfy owners of both vintage and modern instruments if natural wood beauty is the desired feature.

To find out more about the “Natural” French Polish, please contact our sales department.


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