“Glass” French polish

Tradition paired with novelty

“Glass” French polish is a modern way of grand and upright piano cabinet restoration combining traditional French polish cabinet finish and modern technology of polyester base.

Once carpentry work on the case is concluded, the piano is moved to the painting cabin where it’s painted during two stage process using highest quality polyester base.
Sufficiently seasoned transparent or black base coating is then sanded and moved to our French polish workshop where our experienced polishers apply multiple layers of tranditional french polish by hand.

The final effect of „Glass” French polish is best described as a mingle of perfectly smooth and durable, closed pore surface with astonishing sheen of traditional French polish.
Such solution is a perfect middle ground for individuals dreaming about classic French polish sheen but do not necessarily appreciate porous nature of veneer.

To find out more about „Glass” French polish please contact our sales department.


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