Thank you for restoring my 1925 Baldwin Model K, which has been in my family since the 1930’s.  I was referred to SAP Renovation in Kalisz by a USA company that had seen examples of your work at a NAMM trade show.  So I said a prayer and sent the piano to Poland.

Words cannot express how much I appreciate the excellent work your workshops did to transform my piano into the work of art it was when my grandmother first acquired it.  The mahogany case, which had been hidden underneath a 1960’s refinish, is simply beautiful.  But the true measure is how it sounds and plays.  Just remarkable!  The action is capable of every variety of expression.  The sound is rich and full, yet crystalline in the upper range.  Even the technician who tuned it 6 weeks after delivery was impressed, saying it was the finest restoration he had ever seen.  Each of your specialized workshops should be commended for their attention to detail.

Bravo to SAP for giving me a magnificent instrument to have for another 100 years!“

Very kind regards,
John B.

February 2021

SAP renovation have recently carried out a complete restoration of my 1886 Steinway model B grand piano. Their work on the case is superb and the restoration of the action, stringing and soundboard has been done with great care and attention.
They have also at my suggestion restored a smaller 1960´s Bechstein grand piano for my local church in Norway, with similar results. I was particularly pleased with their sensitive choices in deciding which action parts to conserve and restore and which to renew on the Bechstein.

Stephen H.

2 years ago I ordered a full renovation of Steinway model A, 188 cm, from SAP Renovation in Kalisz, Poland.

I also visited the factory and office in Poland to oversee the procedures in June 2018.

As a summery, after 2 years of playing and with vast personal experience with Steinways, I conclude that SAP Renovation is by far the best place on the planet to really fully restore a grand piano. This company has the best qualified, skilled staff, managers, carpenters, music instrument builders, cabinet builders, polishers, and all other necessary professional categories in a huge staff.

My Steinway was imported from the US in 2017, and was the first edition of Steinway’s very successful overstrung model from 1890, when it was first tested on market, hence 85 keys. SAP helped me with shipping from the US to Poland and to my home.

As a bottom line – SAP renovation has done a wonder – they have transferred to whole piece, in every minute details into brand new Hamburg Steinway, which could’ve been build last year. The sound is crystalline, cantabile, i.e. singing, exactly the European/German Steinway sound I wanted to have. Moreover they fitted the grand piano with a superb Bolan sound system – which means I can play at any time. The quality of this system per se and the way it was integrated is just perfect. Also, we decided to use Heller bass strings, sometimes preferred by concert pianists (and myself), for the more profound bass, which worked out extremely well, and blended well with the tonality of the other strings.

Prior to this order I researched the various options to restore/renovate a Steinway grand piano, and after the delivery from SAP, visit at their site in Poland, and after using the instrument for 2 years, and can, with the largest emphasis, really conclude that there is no better place to make a piano makeover anywhere than with SAP Renovation in Kalisz.

Thank you very much for re-creating a just perfect Steinway for picky and perfectionistic pianist in Stockholm, Sweden.

I have never met an instrument building team with such skills, knowledge and extreme attention to every details – thank you! Dziękuję Ci!

A special thanks to Paulina Przybylska for being an excellent and patient organiser, manager and restoration consultant for the whole process.

All best wishes,

Niklas L.

I would like to thank you for doing such a great job on my Steinway reconditioning. It’s amazing and much better than I expected.

Mustafa, Cyprus
January 2020

The piano is wonderful – really beautiful sound which I am enjoying playing.

The restoration is superb.

Well done and thank you

Richard Corser, December 10, 2019

We can’t thank you and your crew enough for the wonderful job you did taking our piano from us in the north of Scotland to Poland and back, and returning it better than new.  We were faced with a very uncertain alternative of a long wait, no firm bit for repair and an uncertain completion date until you swept in and saved us.  Your crew ere wonderful to work with and kept us in the loop as to the progress of the repairs.

Many thanks,

Wendy, 20th of February 2019

Model B Steinway 1967

I am very pleased with the restoration by SAP of my model B Steinway. Both the casework and action are extremely well restored and the piano looks and plays like the restored pianos Steinway sell in their own showrooms alongside their new pianos. SAP kept me informed during every step of the restoration and consulted with me on all aspects of it. This is a piano I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Diarmuid Dunne, 25th Jan 2016, London.

The piano was today delivered to Hexham Abbey by Tyneside Pianos, and I have seen it for the first time…It looks stunning and I wanted to thank you and your team for the care and quality of service you have provided for the cabinet restoration. I include things like the customer service and the plaque you have made. Our experience has been very good. Please pass my thanks on to all at SAP who have been involved.

All best wishes,


Nicolas Dumas
Chciałbym wam podziękować za pracę którą wykonujecie.

Jest to trzeci fortepian który wam powierzyłem i jestem w pełni zadowolony z naszej współpracy.

Umiecie się zaadaptować do moich zaleceń (Przy kompletnych remontach jak i samej obudowy), jakość waszej pracy jest bardzo dobra.

Będę was polecał pod względem obudów. Możecie jeszcze raz pogratulować całej ekipie.


Nicolas Dumas

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