Light lids by SAP

Grand piano lid made of exotic OKOUME wood

The board that is used to manufacture light grand piano lid is made by joining together an odd number of exotic OKOUME veneer (Botanic name – Aucoumea klaineana Pierre).

OKOUME tree grows in tropical forests of Central Africa.

Technical specification:
  • weight – post cut – 550-630 km/m3
  • weight assuming 12% humidity – 430-470 kg/m3
  • pressure resistance – circa 36 MPA
  • static bending resistance along the fibers – circa 40-50 MPA
  • static bending resistance across the fibers – circa 30-35 MPA
  • hardness according to Brinell’s scale – 28-33

Top lid made of Okoume offers unusually low weight and ease while using the instrument. It is very important in terms of concert sized pianos where total weight of the lid may exceed 40 kg while Okoume lid of similar size weights only 24 kg.

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