Acoustic restoration – New soundboard

A soundboard is very slim and easily affected by inappropriate storing conditions. Through years of exploitation, the soundboard cracks and splits. Damaged soundboard has a negative impact on the sound, deprives it of its clarity, and adds unpleasant noise or buzzing. Soundboard restoration is one of the hardest and most time consuming stages of renovation. Very often though, implementation of the new soundboard is more effective than restoring the old one. Our company offers both, replacement or restoration of the soundboard. The decision which of the options to choose is made after detailed analysis of documentation provided by the client, and thorough inspection of the piano.

New soundboard

We fabricate new soundboards from carefully selected, high quality spruce. A necessary material is ordered from highly regarded soundboard manufacturers Strunz and Ciresa. The procedures related to soundboard carving and implementation of soundboard ribs are handmade! After everything is done, the soundboard undergoes specialized treatment in the press where it receives an appropriate shape.

When the soundboard is shaped properly, bass and violin bridges, special bridge tops, bridge pins, and rosette are installed.

According to customer’s wish, the soundboard is finished with transparent varnish in mat or gloss. The final stage is matching a frame and a soundboard together.

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