Warranty Certificate

1. Introduction

By choosing SAP, you choose world class craftsmanship and materials resulting in magnificent beauty and best possible performance.

2. Conditions of our warranty

SAP Renovation covers all services with 3 year warranty of workmanship and materials provided or used during the process of restoring or rebuilding your instrument. At the customer’s request, it is possible to extend the warranty for another 2 years against payment. Please contact our sales department for details. During this period, SAP Renovation will remove any malfunctions resulting from regular, thus appropriate use of the instrument by repairing or replacing necessary parts without charging the owner for labour or materials. All warranty work will be carried out on the premises of SAP Renovation unless agreed otherwise. Occasionally and in justified circumstances, SAP will send trained representatives to resolve the defect on site.

3. Limitations of our warranty

Restoration warranty provided by SAP Renovation does not cover any damage, malfunction, or accidental loss of the instrument resulting from:
A) misuse, negligence, abuse, or inappropriate placement
B) unprofessional transportation
C) any attempts of removing existing damage carried by the owner or any unsuccessful service attempts of any third parties without knowledge of SAP Renovation
D) Exposing the instrument to extreme temperature and air conditions, as well as sun and water damage
E) Any attempts to tune, regulate, or adjust the action during exploitation of the piano by its users.

SAP Renovation does not take any responsibility for malfunction of the instrument that can be rectified by: regulation, tuning, voicing.

On top of that, all service work should be always carried out by professional tuner/technician.

The piano should be inspected immediately after its delivery. In order to maintain the right to warranty claim, any signs of defects should be reported to SAP Renovation representatives via e-mail in 7 days following the delivery.

4. Proper use and maintenance

There are several suggestions that should be followed in order to enjoy your instrument safely and for a long time. First and foremost, by no means should the instrument be exposed to extreme temperature and humidity conditions. It is unacceptable to place the piano near any source of heating, thus, it is highly advised to choose a place where no central heating nor windows will have a direct contact with the instrument. Proper and thoughtful positioning of your piano includes placing it far away from external walls and closer to inner walls which are less susceptible to temperature changes during a very cold winter or a very hot summer. Therefore, we recommend keeping a constant 40%-65% humidity and 20oC. If it is impossible to keep a constant humidity level, we advise to consider equipping your instrument with one of many humidity control devices available on the market.

Another crucial rule to keep your instrument safe is to avoid sunlight. Long lasting sunlight exposure will result in veneer defects and will discolour the wood or finish. Last but not least, try to avoid cleaning your piano with a regular dust cleaner. Some of these products may contain certain chemicals that may damage your case in an irreversible way.

5. Service

Regardless of how frequently the piano is used, it is recommended to tune and regulate its action, keyboard, and trap work at least twice every year.
Such maintenance frequency secures stable tuning at 442 HZ and fluid action responsiveness.


During restoration process involving soundboard restoration but not including cabinet or bridge caps, SAP Renovation Sp. z o.o. does not take responsibility for any potential surface damage to the cabinet finish or veneer. Damage to the cabinet may occur due to temperature and humidity differences triggered by slow drying process which is one of the essential stages of soundboard restoration and it can affect the rim as well.

Having that said, there are few suggestions to consider when ordering restoration to minimize the potential risks:
A) Keep removable cabinet elements except legs and lyre with you when ordering restoration which does not involve cabinet work.
B) Keep all removable cabinet parts with you when ordering restoration with does not involve cabinet and action work.

Soundboard restoration process eliminates splits in the wood by inserting wooden wedges which penetrate entire board through. Over time, said wedges may become more pronounced and visible; however, it does not have any impact on the sound or functionality of the piano. In order to eliminate this possible 'visual outcome', replacement of the soundboard over its restoration should be considered.

Restoration of agraffes consists of removal, polishing, and reinstallation back into the iron frame. SAP Renovation does not take any responsibility for any future mechanical defects. While it does not happen often, we are oblided to inform our clients about such possibility. The only way to provide warranty for agraffes is to replace them with new ones.
WARNING: Some vintage pianos have agraffes which are impossible to replace due to production termination. In such scenario, restoring original agraffes is the only solution.

During restoration which includes cabinet exclusively, SAP Renovation does not take any reposibility for condition changes of soundboard, pin block, or bridge caps.

Upon discovering woodworm presence in the piano, SAP Renovation will use a reliable method of removing the problem; however, there is always a risk of woodworm reappearing in the future for which SAP Renovation cannot take responsibility. Therefore, our warranty does not cover future woodworm damage.

Keeping old treble and bass bridge caps while restoring acoustic part of the instrument may have a negative impact on sound properties and tone while playing.
Keeping old pin block while restoring acoustic part may result in tuning instability.

The following piano elements are covered by manufacturer’s warranty. Any complaints related to quality or defects are forwarded to respective suppliers. Complaints related to inappropriate installation are reviewed by SAP Renovation.

- hinges
- casters
- pedals

When it comes to our warranty, transport and service cost carried out on the piano are covered by SAP Renovation.

IMPORTANT: Collection and delivery of the instrument are only possible from the ground floor premises with easy access and solid driveway.

Matters like difficult removals through staircases or steps, moving pianos through loose or steep driveways are not possible. In such scenario, the customer is obliged to organize third party removal service at one’s own risk and cost.

If you choose us to restore your piano it means that you accept our standards in terms of labor and material quality.
Please remember that we approach every restoration order individually so if you have any special requests or instructions towards your restoration please let us know about them beforehand.

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