Steinway & Sons upright piano

    Restoration preview

    Upright piano: Steinway & Sons SAP - 8066

    Serial number: 374817
    Production year: 1962
    Model: 1098
    Height: 118

    The instrument went through complete restoration process which included its cabinet, acoustic, action, and keyboard components.

    Please browse our sections: CABINET, ACOUSTIC PART, ACTION for detailed information regarding restoration work carried out on the piano.

    •     Type: upright piano
    •     Brand: Steinway & Sons
    •     Model: 1098
    •     Serial number: 374817
    •     Date of manufacture: 1962
    •     Height: 118 cm
    •     Number of keys: 88
    •     Number of pedals: 3

    ▪    Basic carpentry work prior to actual case finishing
    ▪    Case varnishing in high gloss black polyester
    ▪    New straight type chrome fallboard logo (regular size)
    ▪    Old hardware polishing
    ▪    Side varnishing (inside) in high gloss black polyester
    ▪    New red fallboard felt

    ▪    Soundboard restoration and varnishing in mat
    ▪    Bridge cap restoration (with complete acoustic restoration)
    ▪    New bass strings of Heller
    ▪    New steel strings – Röslau
    ▪    New pin block – plywood
    ▪    New nickel tuning pins
    ▪    Iron frame cleaning
    ▪    New frame felts and string bearings – red

    ▪    Action regulation without restoration
    ▪    New hammer heads with natural felt of Abel
    ▪    Gluing hammer heads of shanks
    ▪    New damper of Renner with damper buttons of Renner
    ▪    Damper regulation
    ▪    Keyboard restoration
    ▪    New plastic key covers “PLEX”

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