Case restoration – the offer created for interior designers

Grand piano as an exclusive interior design addition.  

Musical features of the grand piano are only a part of what defines its uniqueness. For many users, visual aspect is equally important as the piano also serves as a distinctive element of any interior design. Therefore, a very interesting statement that a grand piano possesses its individual character and soul seems to be very accurate. Regardless if finished in modern black or with classic veneer, the piano changes the room into something unique. If you wish to express your versatility and creativity include the piano in your project.


Appropriately finished grand piano cabinet will serve as an interesting contrast to modern furniture. On the other hand, the piano finished in high gloss black polyester will easily become a central part of any 21st century luxurious room.

Instruments with deep dark colors will match classical interiors full of antiques and stylish furniture while pianos finished in metallic way will complete  minimalistic rooms with metal and glass elements.
Pianos with bright and mellow case finish will supplement any room dominated by warm colors.

SAP Renovation – leader in grand and upright piano restoration  presents an outstanding Steinway & Sons grand piano restoration project. The piano, as a ready product, does not feature any cabinet finish giving interior designers a room to create something unique.

This grand piano cabinet awaits a distinctive style – from Scandinavian, Retro, or Provençal, to Glamour and Industrial style, the options of finishing such piano are countless.

We want to invite well-known design practices and offices to cooperate with us.

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